Embracing the Moment – A practical guide for executing a virtual fundraising auction

These are unprecedented times but it doesn’t mean you have to cancel your event. Embrace the moment and go virtual with your auction. It sounds scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Virtual events are not new and you are likely already working with vendors that have the expertise you need to execute a virtual auction for your organization. Much of the strategy you’ve built to fundraise for your organization stays the same, you just have to switch tactics to move away from a live event and into the virtual world.

This webinar with Beth Sandefur Events will cover the following topics:

What elements of your fundraising auction stay the same when you switch to a virtual format? What elements of your auction change? Adapting the pace of an auction to fit a virtual model Key vendors for virtual auctions Virtual auction solutions for every budget Tips on how to create online engagement opportunities during a virtual auction